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Ds18 SRW Shallow 10" Subwoofer 400 Watts Dvc 4-Ohm

Ds18 SRW Shallow 10" Subwoofer 400 Watts Dvc 4-Ohm


It's easy to get great bass when there's very little room with our new line of slim mount subwoofers. The SRW 10.4D (DVC) and SRW 10.4 (SVC) mounts in little as 3.07 inches mounting depth and can be utilized in both ported and sealed boxes for great bass in a tight area. This sub handles 200 watts RMS and 400 watts peak power with a 87db sensitivity which is very high for a slim mount sub raising this model high above the bar. This sub comes in both dual voice coil 4 ohm (SRW 10.4D) and single voice coil 4 ohm (SRW 10.4) so you can wire appropriately to your amp for maximum power to bring all your music to life!


SRW bass series was made to produce great bass within a flat sub frame exceeding most other subs volume while also coming in at an amazing price point.

Large surround with flexible spider packs will help the CCA voice coil teach maximum xmax producing full and deep bass with a up to spec box.

Shallow mount size will let you fit this sub in compact places and requires less box space than other subs, its size giving you many options in which to place it.

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